Ariadne Tour Cappadocia

ARD 351                                             BALLOONING IN CAPPADOCIA (05:00-08:30)


Pick up from the hotel roughly one hour before the sunrise (App. 05:00 o’clock) and transfer to the base.  After serving tea, coffee and cookies while waiting for the other participants proceed to the take-off field designated for that day. After a safety briefing delivered by the pilot, climb in to the baskets and take off. Rise to the altitudes of several hundred meters to have a good view of the area and drift through the valleys and canyons for some 60 minutes. On landing, have a traditional celebration party with champagne and cakes. Thereafter transfer back to the hotel.

Departure Days     :   Daily

Duration               :   3.5 hours including 60-minute flight

Tour Rate              :  1225

 * The superior category ballooning is carried out with more sophisticated and handsome balloons though the safety level is the same on both category flights.

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